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  1. Hi Toni, I’m a friend of Lori Baronak. I was wondering if all your your products work best on a keto diet? I’m on a low fat -low carb diet. Mostly lean meats, fresh veggies and fresh fruit. Anyway, I need a boost of energy plus appetite suppresion. Also digestion\colon regulation. What would you suggest. I’m sure I can’t do the drops and 7 day thing …I’m sure it would stress me out and that would make it more difficult. Thanks. Michelle Grech

    • Hey Michelle!!

      I would definitely go with the slim and lean combo! The slim is an appetite suppressant, energy, detox supplement and the lean is a great digestive enzyme to help break up the fats you’re eating with low carb/keto. it also has an added fat burner in it as well. it’s a great product! highly recommend those two. also there is a bundle discount for those on my other website. also use code spooky through tomorrow night to save 20% with free shipping!



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