The Keto Plateau & What To Do To Get Over It!

Weight Loss Plateau on keto

Every Single Week in my online community, TSTransformations, I feel like someone sticks weight loss plateaus on the “Topics to Be Discussed” during our weekly live coaching video. Every single week!

So I am going to go a little in depth today about plateaus with keto (or any diet) and what is really happening in the body and how the heck we get over them!

I do have good news before heading into detail. No matter what diet you are on, your weight loss will eventually stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s keto, hcg diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the tens of thousand of other plans out there, your weight loss is going to come to a halt for a short period of time. When this happens it is NOT because you failed or because your body is broken. I call this a tolerance. You need to switch things up just a tad to get things on the scale moving again.

Why am I Not Losing Weight? The Science Behind It.

Calories in versus calories out. Have you ever that expression? Your body will most likely always lose weight when fewer calories are consumed than what you’re putting out on the day to day. On the ketogenic diet, your body will lose a ton of water weight in the first couple of weeks for one known fact: for every 1 gram of carb consumed your body holds onto 2-3 grams of water in the cell. You lose a lot of that weight in the first few weeks of a low carb diet because of the restriction of carbs you’re consuming.

Whenever we do lose actual weight, it tends to be both fat and muscle mass. Those percentages of muscle and fat depend on quite a few factors such as how much you exercise, what your current weight is, your age, activity level and so on.

In contrast, when we don’t eat enough protein, aren’t getting a ton of sleep, and are in a larger calorie deficit then we will tend to lose more muscle along with the fat.

Since 9/10 people are looking to lose “fat” and not muscle, it is crucial to consider some of these factors when you start any diet. My suggestion is to use a diet calculator like this one to figure out just exactly how much you’re supposed to be eating everyday. If you’re not aiming for keto then increase the carbs on that calculator to a higher number.

If you’re a lean individual already, it’s best to stay with the smaller calorie deficit that any calculator would give you. While those who are considered obese or overweight, could handle a much steeper calorie deficit.

So what things are happening when you plateau? Well first off I can tell you that losing weight is NOT a normal process of the body. It’s often referred to “anti-survival”. Your body does not like to lose weight. Fat is stored as energy and your body doesn’t care what you look like as long as you have that storage of energy for it to use. We know this because again, it’s much easier to gain weight than lose it.

When you go on a diet, let’s say low calorie for instance, your metabolism will adjust and it’ll start slowing down and eventually adapts to a set point. Why? The answer? Too Much Insulin. Insulin is that itty bitty hormone in our bodies that blocks your ability to burn fat. Each time it’s present, your fat burning takes a back seat until it’s job is done. Insulin resistance still plays a huge role in this idea as well. Insulin resistance and excessive insulin at the same time is what is behind the set point.

The human body is a master at adapting to the conditions it’s put in. Its main goal is to maintain homeostasis within the body, so when we eat too much, it will speed up our metabolism, and when we eat too little, it will slow it down. When we stay in a caloric deficit for an extended period of time, the initial weight and fat loss happens, but eventually the body adapts to fewer calories and metabolically adjusts, which is why we observe a stall — this is something we call adaptive thermogenesis [1]

What are some changes you can make to your diet to get over a plateau?

#1 Practice Intermittent Fasting.

Insulin and insulin resistance are what cause you plateaus. To fix this you need to correct your insulin levels and get them back to a homeostasis. Intermittent fasting along with a low carb diet will help you straighten out your insulin levels.

Many people will do what is called the 16:8 method. Which means they will fast for 16 hours (including sleep time. You’ll have your last meal around 6 pm and nothing until lunch time the next day. You may have coffee and water during a fast without disrupting the fasting. Eat all 3 meals within the next 8 hour window. (11 am until 6 pm) and you may throw in an extended fast of 24 hours once a week just to increase the fat burn. Nine times out of 10 this works for a plateau.

#2 Retrack your carbohydrate consumption

A lot of the times we get used to eating things and not realize that we sneak more carbs in than usual. Go back and start tracking with an app EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. You may realize you’re going over your carbs again and didn’t even know it. If you’re eating 25g of carbs or below, try lowering a little more for a few days to increase ketone production in the body.

#3 Too much fat

There are some keto-goers out there that say fat doesn’t matter but in my mind it most definitely does. If I consume too much fat you better believe it stalls me or actually makes me gain weight. Go back to tracking again and make sure your fat macros are within your ranges. Try to aim for 75g or less for a few days and see if this gets you moving again. It works like a charm for me every single time. If you need a little appetite suppression while lowering your fat (your satiety) then I’d recommend trying the Slim to help you assist with pushing through these days.

#4 Be Mindful of Your Keto Food Choices

Quality matters. We’ve all seen the low-carb muffins, pancakes, and other treats that are really nothing more than junk. If weight isn’t coming off, check to see if you’re doing any of the following:

Revisit your list of whole foods, track and see if you’re consuming too many nuts, or too many “keto approved” treats. These foods are still chemically altered and possess chemicals that your body is not used to having and reek havoc on your gut health.

#5 Quality Sleep

Weight can stall if we don’t get enough sleep. Regular interruptions in sleep that affect our circadian rhythms can also affect health and weight loss. Plus, lack of sleep increases cravings in many people because our bodies are looking for additional sources of energy when we haven’t gotten enough rest.

A Hidden Gem Inside Round Island Falls in Pennsylvania

As part of my Primal Health 21 day challenge we have going on currently, a task was done earlier this week where you will take one day over the weekend and get outside and enjoy time with your family away from modern age cell phones and electronics. I started researching waterfalls nearby DuBois Pennsylvania as I’ve heard of several others finding these hidden gems close by but never ventured myself. After speaking to my friend Rachel, it was decided that 3 Rivers Run was the perfect spot to get away from life for a few hours and enjoy each other’s company.  

Where is Three Falls on Round Island Run?

If you haven’t seen this hidden gem of a waterfall deep in the Sproul State Forrest in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, take a break with your family this weekend and head 20 miles southeast of Medix Hotel in Weedville Pennsylvania. The short hike is a breathtaking drive through the country and easily accessible in the summer and fall months in Pennsylvania. Round Island trail is located in a remote western corner of Clinton County Pennsylvania. I at first mistakenly thought this was part of the nearby Quehanna Wild Area but now am finding it’s a few miles northeast of that. 


Directions to Round Island Run, 3 Rivers Waterfall in Pennsylvania

We ventured out on Sunday, September 15th from DuBois Pennsylvania and decided not to take interstate 80 but to enjoy the drive through the Moshannon Valley State Forest. Follow PA-255 N/E out of Dubois about 19 miles. 

You’ll take a slight right onto PA-555 (Driftwood) towards Medix Run Road/Quehanna HIghway. Stay on PA-555 about 7 miles passing Wapiti Woods until you reach the great Medix Hotel (Medix Hotel will be on the right hand side). 

Turn right onto Medix Run Rd/Quehanna Highway and continue about 16 miles. Enjoy the view and screen shot these directions as service is pretty sketchy in this area. 

You will then turn Left onto 3 Rivers Run Road and follow this road out about 8.8 miles. Relax and enjoy the scenery and keep your eye open for wildlife. We passed these two Elk bulls on the way and it was such a sight to see right next to your vehicle. 

You may feel lost inside this vast area of woods but I assure you you’re on the right path to the falls. 

3 Runs road comes to an intersection and becomes Dutchman Road. Stay straight through the intersection and hold onto to the “oh shit” bars as the road becomes very bumpy for a short period. 

Continue on Dutchman Rd for about 3 miles. Make a left onto Round Island Road. 

Along this road you will pass a few camp sites. You’ll see a sign for Merry Lane and continue on for about a half mile. 

Keep a look out for Liberty bell camp on the left and know you’re almost there. 

There is a sign that blends in pretty well that says “Round Island Falls Trail” on the left. When you see the sign, you may want to pull ahead and turn around and park near the trail entrance. 

The trail is pretty worn in this time of year from the travelers throughout the summer so you shouldn’t have any issues finding it. Grab a walking stick as the rocks can be pretty slick getting down to the falls. You’ll walk approximately a mile in the woods before you stumble across the rope that is tied to several trees down over an embankment to get to the falls themselves. We ran into several people who brought their dogs to play in the water. 

Toni Sweeney

Beyond The Falls

After we took part in some splashing in the water on this hot fall day, we decided to venture past the falls about a half mile. We ran into an older couple exploring the mountain and were on their way back up. They told us to not waste our time as there wasn’t much more to see on the downside so we decided to turn around and head back to the truck! I hope you take advantage of this post and go see this beauty for yourself! 

The water is only “trickeling” right now but they say the best time to see the falls is after a fresh rain or in the springtime when all the snow is melting on the mountain! 

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Who is Toni Sweeney?

I am NOT a perfect person
& I’ll never claim to be…

My 20’s. The easy days!

I am NOT a perfect person & I’ll never claim to be…

I’m not going to write this bio in the third person because I’m writing myself, about myself. I’m not going to sing and dance about my life. I am not going to sit and tell you how you should or shouldn’t live your life. I’m not going to tell you that your food choices are wrong because they aren’t “my” food choices. I’m not going to tell you that I live the perfect life with the perfect family, in the perfect home, and make or have made perfect choices always for as long as I can remember. That’s not who I am. 

I am a nurse. I am a mother of one beautiful miracle child, Owen and a dog-mom to two of the most spoiled canines I’ve ever met. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am that person who will have the WORST day and still sit and listen with all ears open when someone needs to talk.

I am also stubborn and competitive (Just ask Shane!) and I stop at NOTHING until I get what the end result I’m seeking. Whether that be a struggle or a dinner date at my favorite restaurant. 😉 

How my career all started…

I’ve always been into being active and exercise-oriented. If i felt chubby in some clothes I’d exercise for 2 hours a day until I toned up and I had no problems doing it. Those were the good old days. When I was in my 20’s and could do anything I put my mind to and get results overnight or so it seemed with a beer in my hand at that! 

Fast forward to 2011. The year my beautiful son was born. I was content and happy for once in my life. I didn’t have much time to think about myself as a newlywed, a new nurse just starting my career, and a new mom. It wasn’t until Owen’s baptism at 6 months old that I even noticed how much weight I had gained! (That’s how much I wasn’t thinking about myself but instead taking care of my family). My husband worked on the rigs at the time so it was constant non stop running for 3 weeks on before I had a little bit of a break when he got home for his week off. My friend Katie had posted a picture to facebook a few days after his baptism & that’s when it hit me… like a ton of bricks. 

I sat and cried at this picture. Yes I was happy on the outside but on the inside I was fighting the “weight insecurity”. I didn’t exactly know how much my weight was at that point. I had stopped looking at the scale at 198 pounds a few weeks prior to this picture. All I knew is that I had other priorities to focus on while my husband worked out of town 3 weeks a month and that was my “excuse” for letting myself go.

After this picture, something in me snapped. I had always been the person to take care of myself and here I sat googling “clothes to fit apple shaped bodies” and not being able to walk up a flight of steps without getting winded.

So I started back into my beachbody workouts and eating “healthy” (or so I thought). Killing myself trying to take care of baby, cook meals, working full time on 2nd shift, and getting an hour workout in every day. The scale budged a little. I won’t lie. But for as much work as I put in that month, a 6 pound loss was miserable.

I started researching supplements and a girlfriend of mine from elementary school started talking about this “bee pollen” she used to lose 50 pounds. She looked phenomenal! I started using it, barely sleeping, running around like crazy, working crazy hours, taking care of O, and eating when I was hungry (which was pretty nonexistent at that point) and low and behold I had lost 16 pounds in 2 weeks. Yes. That to me was a miracle. So I bought another bottle, continued on this path for 3 months and guess what? I got to my goal weight of 134 pounds. I had done that in 3 months flat by doing nothing other than taking a miraculous pill.

Others at work started noticing my weight loss so I jumped on board and started a company, Bee-Xtreme, and transitioned from overworked and underpaid nurse to stay at home business mom who was feeling fit and fabulous and doing nothing other than popping a magic pill.

Well fast forward 2 more years- sales were through the roof. I had 17 shops carrying this product, I had a very active facebook page, and website and heck I was even featured on the channel 10 news along with my friend Jenn who was a Zumba instructor at the time and had introduced me to this miracle capsule! I was living it up for a good year before it all came CRASHING….DOWN.

An old ad (2012) when I was naive.

The fall of Bee Pollen…

In November 2012, Jenn called me in a panic. The FDA had issued a recall on that Ultimate Formula Bee Pollen. There was some “illegal” ingredient in there that wasn’t listed on the bottle. I was scared shitless to tell you the truth. Does this sort of thing happen? How could we not know about this? Why was that ingredient in MY BEE POLLEN? While all these answers went unanswered by distributors, we were heartbroken to say the least. But the next month we still continued to see sales of Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen even though these had been recalled with the Ultimate Formula Bee Pollen! How? What the heck is going on?

So I contacted a distributor out of Jersey who told me some shit story of how Zi Xiu Tang Success was making their own Zi Xiu Tang and it was in no way shape or form the same stuff she had. I was gullible. I was looking for that magic pill. I visualized having an answer for all my customers who were upset about the bee pollen being taken away. I had it AGAIN. So, January 2013 I started selling again and I was ecstatic. People were losing weight, but not as fast as they did with Ultimate. Not as consistent as it was with Ultimate. But losing nonetheless.

Fast forward a year and a half later and guess what…. those pills I was selling were recalled AGAIN. AYFKM?! I thought these were “different”. I thought these weren’t the same pills that were recalled two years ago. ? So not only did I let my customers down once, I had done it TWICE in two years. I wanted answers. But my distributor just closed up shop, closed her website down, and vanished and left every single one of us hanging and I was LIVID.

So continue on to stay at home I was selling everything and anything I could to get SOMETHING into my customer’s hands. But I just didn’t feel right about it. I didn’t believe in these products like I once did with Zi Xiu Tang and Ultimate Formula.

I was trying anything to get this fat off my body. This was a 10 day fast… I think I made it 24 hours.

I was sent on a mission…..(I promise! Almost over!)

In nursing school I remembered all things herbs and how chemicals reacted in our minds and bodies. I am very science-y and I took a personal interest in it. So I started researching…. a lot. So much I left my business on the backburner and started focusing on herbs and chemicals and what they do to our brain and how they can help someone lose weight and why they worked for weight loss.

About 6 months later I hired a private chemist to help me formulate a rockstar of a capsule, Xtreme Slim Bee Pollen. My baby. My long nights of research and planning had finally come true. I had developed an amazing product that was USA made and I could make sure that all the extra tests were done to ensure purity of ingredients, and third party testing to ensure it was free of dust and mold and all that other crap that filled those China supplements. And that’s when the Xtreme Supplement line was born.

Our supplements are among the best in their class in my opinion. They work well without a lot of effort but “not as good” as those China pills. They still take some work and it was my mission to teach people exactly what to do for PROPER supplement use and teach nutrition and exercise to help them maintain their weight loss. This worked well for a few years and that Slim and Burn are still my top selling supplements to this day for weight loss.

Xtreme Supplements on the left….Xtreme Supplements plus Keto on the right. October 2017… when my life changed.

I wanted more….

As I said before, I’m intrigued by the cells in the body. I took an interest in the keto way of eating back in 2017 and I honestly haven’t looked back since then. I’ve maintained a goal weight of 138-140 pounds for the last 2 years pretty effortlessly with the help of keto and Xtreme Supplements. So it’s now my mission to pass this information onto you!

The body is a beautiful, complex machine, and I’ve set out on a crusade to educate people how best to get it working FOR THEM.

I enrolled in a keto coaching courses right away after I had seen the way Keto was helping my own body and mind and mood. From there I’ve taken a handful of other coaching training, seminars all over the country, and certificates to help build a business nuturing people along the scary path to a massive lifestyle change.

The things I ask you to do are not the same old things you’ve heard before.

Those things were temporary. This is not.

Everything I had learned prior to keto, during my “personal training” days (yes I am also a certified personal trainer but I won’t even talk about that since finding the Primal/Paleo/Keto way of eating!), had been wrong. I was telling people the WRONG way to do things and I know it whole heartedly now! Don’t get me wrong, people still saw great results with what I was teaching but not like this, not like keto and not with aligning the hormones of the body for hemeostasis. Tracking calories isn’t “all it takes” to achieve our body composition goals. I healed myself through keto. My anxiety, my depression, those last stubborn 10 pounds, my muscle tone, my mind, and even those damn pre-cancer cells that were doubling in numbers every 6 months, were gone. EVERYTHING. This is my story and I’m ready to tell it.

A lifestyle change is a very difficult thing for people to wrap their head around. And that’s why you need a trustworthy and knowledgable coach to lead you through it. I do a lot of myth-busting in my day to day interactions with my clients. I’m a bit outspoken and and (I think) my customers appreciate that. LOL!

Outspoken & Confident?

There’s no doubt in my mind that if you give me 8 weeks, I can get down to your metabolic insufficiencies and dramatically dial in your appetite, cravings, mood, waistline, and yes, even that darn scale. I’ve developed products and programs and services that work although they are off the beaten path a little bit. But what do you have to lose? Your health is my #1 priority and it’s get top-priority treatment around these parts.

It’s my mission to enable everyone to achieve an effortless lifestyle transition whether it be keto or not. There are several options. Let’s find one that works for you!

February 2019 “Keto” to April 2019 “Primal Health Coach”